March 1, 2018


    • State level lobbying services for local chambers of commerce
    • Organized regionally throughout California, beginning with the Sacramento region
  • A unified, constituent-driven voice of small business before the California State Legislature


Local chambers of commerce have a difficult time staffing and sustaining public policy and advocacy efforts, particularly at the state level.  State and regional partners seldom provide sufficient capacity, tools and resources for local chambers to develop and advance an agenda directly aligned with the priorities of local chamber members themselves.  Yet, the state of California continues to present significant barriers to the success of local businesses who consistently look to their local chamber to provide them with a voice.

UCAN, Unified Chamber Advocacy Network, provides local chambers of commerce with an affordable way to hire their own lobbyist to help chamber leaders define and advance a state level policy agenda of primary importance to their members.

UCAN – Capital Region
El Dorado County Joint Chamber Commission
Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce
Folsom Chamber of Commerce
Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce
Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce

Annual joint membership survey
Annual planning meeting to develop joint state level policy agenda
Annual Business and Legislative Conference to share agenda with invited lawmakers
Monthly Conference Calls to update on key legislation
Quarterly meeting with individual chamber board or policy committee
Weekly electronic update
Quarterly newsletter article
Annual Report
Unified, automated grassroots advocacy system (Voter Voice)
Lobbyist presence at State Capitol, in hearings, with legislators and staff

June 8, 2022: UCAN Alert – UI Fund – CALL TODAY!

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Executive Director
David N. Butler
Vice President, Registered Lobbyist
Advocacy and Management Group
One Capitol Mall, Suite 800
Sacramento, CA  95814

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