September 28, 2015

Marketing and Communications

Internal Communications – The ability to communicate timely information to association members and other interested parties is critical to any association. AMG will keep your members up-to-date on the latest market changes, government regulations, and other pertinent association information. We will also coordinate, write, and edit content for your print or digital newsletters and publications, and work with publishers on its layout and design.

External Communications – Taking your message to the public. When your organization wants to take your message beyond your membership to reach media outlets and the public, AMG will help you create and execute a plan that’s tailored to your unique objectives. Our communications specialists will manage your media and public outreach, help your organization control the narrative, and maintain your stellar reputation.

Marketing – Advertising won’t be effective if you aren’t engaging your audience. From maximizing attendance at your events and attracting new vendors and sponsors to increasing your membership, AMG will help you create a winning marketing campaign.

Social Media – Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and you can’t afford to be left behind. AMG will help you maximize your online presence by providing you with strategic advice on how you can best reach your online audience.

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