September 11, 2015


American Mosquito Control Association

Our mission is to provide leadership, information, and education leading to the enhancement of health and quality of life through the suppression of mosquitoes and other vector-transmitted diseases, and the reduction of annoyance levels caused by mosquitoes and other vectors and pests of public health importance.


Automotive Service Councils of California

ASCCA webOur mission is to elevate and unite automotive professionals, and give them voice.

Professionals in Automotive Service since 1940.


Automotive Service Councils Educational Foundation

The Automotive Service Councils Educational Foundation (ASCEF) is a 501c3 charitable organization founded in 2001 to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students wishing to develop a career in the automotive field.  The ASCEF has provided scholarship to 100s of students wanting to pursue a career in the automotive field. The funds raised provide scholarships and support sustainable training programs throughout California.


BOMA Silicon Valley

BOMA Silicon Valley’s mission is to represent and promote the interests of the Silicon Valley commercial real estate industry through leadership, advocacy, education, and cultivation of relationships.



California Association of Medical Products Suppliers

CAMPS webCAMPS is an association of entities that dispense durable medical equipment (e.g., wheelchairs, walkers, home respiratory equipment) and disposable medical supplies (e.g., catheters, incontinence supplies, urologicals) for patients’ use in their homes or non-hospital settings based upon a prescription from a physician or other authorized healthcare provider. These entities are licensed by the state as either home medical device retail facilities or as pharmacies.

California Community Colleges Organización de Latinx Empowerment, Guidance, Advocacy for Success

COLEGAS will develop, elevate, and increase leadership from our comunidad latina throughout higher education using liberatory practices. They are working hard every day to accelerate, change and advance Latinx professionals and students.


California Court Reporters Association

CCRA continuously leads our industry through legislative advocacy, educational opportunity, and professional inclusion.  We actively protect and unify the freelance, CART/Captioning, official, and student communities.


California Funeral Directors Association

CFDA webThe California Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) is made up of 650 member organizations throughout California. The goal of the organization is to advocate and provide continuous professional development, and enhance the economic viability of member funeral service practitioners so they can best serve the public.


California Massage Therapy Council

CAMTC webCalifornia Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) is a statewide voluntary massage certification created by the California State Legislature.  Voluntary certification through CAMTC allows for work in multiple California locations without the need for multiple massage permits, licensing, and fees.


California Pawnbrokers Association

CAPA webCAPA is an association of pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers and is the only one of its kind in California. CAPA’s members are among some of the most regulated businesses in California; among its primary goals is to  ensure members  maintain the highest level of ethical conduct by following established best practices, and are familiar with and adhere to a myriad of federal, state and local laws and regulations.


California Public Protection & Physician Health, Inc.
The mission of CPPPH is to support a healthy physician workforce in the state of California.
CPPPH is dedicated to enhancing patient safety by developing programs that assist health professionals who identify, refer, treat, and monitor physicians with potentially impairing conditions.


California Radiological Society

CRS webCRS is a chapter of the American College of Radiology and is the statewide society of physicians who are board certified in radiology. The specialty includes both diagnostic imaging — x-ray and MRI — and radiation oncology — the use of ionizing radiation for treating cancer.


California Society of Addiction Medicine
The mission of CSAM is to advance the ethical and compassionate treatment of addiction through physician-led education of health professionals, patients, and the public. The Society promotes practice, research, prevention, and implementation of evidence-based treatment and sound drug policy. We advocate for our patients, their families, and other support systems at all stages of care.


California Society of Anesthesiologists
CSA webThe California Society of Anesthesiologists is a physician organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of anesthesiology, fostering excellence through continuing medical education, and serving as an advocate for anesthesiologists and their patients.


California Society of Pathologists

CSP webCSP is the state society for physicians who are board certified pathologists. Pathologists usually practice in groups, and direct hospital clinical laboratories or freestanding laboratories that provide clinical laboratory services and anatomic pathology, which is the examination of tissues via biopsy for diagnosis.


Family Business Association of California

FBAC webFBA introduces legislation to support family business, takes a stand against bad legislation, and fights for bills that are good for family businesses.


Hearing HealthCare Providers

HHP webThe purpose of the Hearing Healthcare Providers/California Association is to enable the provision of effective treatment alternatives for hearing impaired California consumers and to enhance the knowledge and competency of the professional hearing instrument practitioner.


Los Angeles Radiological Society

The Los Angeles Radiological Society (LARS) founded in 1920, is dedicated to the promotion of high standards of practice in medicine overall with a focus primarily on Radiology and Radiation Oncology.  Members of the Society adhere to the medical and ethical standards of practice adopted by the American College of Radiology.


Medical Education and Research Foundation for the Treatment of Addiction
The mission of MERF mission is to prevent the harm done to patients by physicians who lack the knowledge, skill, and training to recognize and treat addiction.



Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California

MVCAC webMVCAC’s mission is to provide quality public information, comprehensive mosquito and vector-borne disease surveillance, training to high professional standards, and effective legislative advocacy on behalf of California mosquito and vector control districts.


National Community College Hispanic Council

NCCHC webEstablished in 1985 as an affiliate of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), the Council is the nation’s premier organization for preparation and support of Hispanic leaders in America’s community colleges. The nonprofit, professional organization is committed to delivering high quality leadership development experiences and providing Hispanics with opportunities to continue their personal and professional growth. The Council provides members with resources, networking and educational opportunities.

New York Society of Addiction Medicine

The New York Society of Addiction Medicine (NYSAM) serves as an indispensable resource for patients, families, and physicians in the treatment of addiction and substance use disorders. Their mission is to be the physician-led professional community for those who prevent, treat, and promote remission and recovery from the disease of substance use disorder, and to provide resources for continuing innovation, advancement, and implementation of  substance use disorder science and care. 

Plastic Recycling Corporation of California

Plastic Recycling Corporation of California (PRCC) is committed to improving the quality of the environment and reducing solid waste through the recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) beverage containers. Our primary objectives are to increase public awareness and the recycling rates for PET beverage containers; ensure stable end-use markets for all PET collected in California; increase the value of PET; and reduce the costs of its collection.

Public Agency Risk Management Association

PARMA webPARMA is dedicated to providing relevant, career-long educational opportunities, information on the latest risk management trends and best practices, and the resources public entities need to manage a broad spectrum of risk in an ever-changing environment.