March 1, 2016

Job Opportunities

Deputy Executive Director

While many non-profit organizations have a board of directors, these individuals typically serve in only a very broad advisory capacity. Oversight on how the organization accomplishes its goals and its day-to-day operations is u centralized with an executive director. The deputy executive director will assist the executive director by helping to supervise and guide the various departments of the non-profit, serving as the second-in-command of the group.

Typically, the executive director works with his or her Board to create broader initiatives within the non-profit. It then falls to the deputy executive director to put these ideas into practice and ensure are implemented and executed according to the executive director and volunteer leadership’s vision. Because non-profit organizations typically rely on fundraising and outside donations for their operating capital, the deputy executive director of such an organization should also expect to make public appearances and present the vision and work done by the enterprise to larger groups.

Tasks include:

  • Communicate organization goals and operational plans to all levels of the organization and to donors.
  • Assist the executive director with strategic planning and coordination of the organization’s programs, projects, and policy positions.
  • Manage the organization in the absence of the executive director.

Responsibilities include management of all aspects of the association including; oversight of support staff, outside government advocacy activities, membership development and retention, as well as day-to-day operations and the governance services of the associations.

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